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Breast Cancer Awareness Day at Amman Arab University

يوم توعوي حول سرطان الثدي في "عمان العربية"


Breast Cancer Awareness Day at Amman Arab University

Coping with the social responsibility of Amman Arab University, College of Pharmacy, in cooperation with the University’s health center and the Jordanian Breast Cancer Program of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation, organized a breast cancer awareness day under the title (A Step Towards Life... Get Tested).

The event began with a welcome speech from Professor. Rana Abu Hweij, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, during which she emphasized the role of the pharmacist in promoting health awareness and the concept of preventive culture among members of the local community, and highlighted the importance of these interactive activities in developing the college students’ communication skills with members of the local community and enhancing the sense of social responsibility, in addition to providing health services to women in the local community (Salhoub and Marsaa Women’s Association) to conduct a free clinical examination at the university’s health center clinic.

In turn, engineer Rasha Fakhr al-Din, head of the communications department at the Jordanian Breast Cancer Program, gave an introductory speech about the Jordanian program and its role in increasing health awareness among community members and building a society that is aware and understanding of health issues. She praised the commitment of Amman Arab University and its vital role in promoting health and raising the level of awareness for members of the local community.

During the event, pharmacist Dr. Rawan Riyalat led an interactive dialogue with the attendees about the causes of breast cancer, risk factors for cancer, ways to prevent the disease, and the importance of early screening for women, encouraging the attendees to undergo periodic examinations to check their health. The meeting culminated with an inspiring story of a breast cancer survivor that reflected the strength of will, Faith and challenge in confronting the disease and overcoming the fear of periodic examination because of its importance in treatment and recovery.

At the end of the event, the Dean of the College thanked the Pharmacist Haya Al-Qadiri and Mrs. Basma Abu Jaber for what they did to make this day a success, and presented the university’s shield to the Jordanian Breast Cancer Program in appreciation of their participation and the success of this event.