fbpxA Stand in Solidarity at "Amman Arab University" with the Brothers in Gaza, Steadfastness | Amman Arab University

A Stand in Solidarity at "Amman Arab University" with the Brothers in Gaza, Steadfastness

وقفة تضامنية في "عمان العربية" مع الأشقاء في غزة الصمود


A Stand in Solidarity at "Amman Arab University" with the Brothers in Gaza, Steadfastness

This morning, Saturday, October 14, 2023, Amman Arab University carried out a solidarity stand in support of our brothers in beloved Palestine and the steadfastness of our people in Gaza, in the presence of the University President, Professor. Mohammad Al-Widyan, his assistants, deans of colleges, members of the academic and administrative staff, and a large group of university students.

During his speech, Prof. Al-Widyan stated that we at Amman Arab University stand in this national solidarity stance as dictated by our fraternal duty towards our brothers in wounded Palestine, affirming and supporting Jordan’s permanent and steadfast position under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein, may God protect and protect him, and that he and his successors, the Jordanians, stand alongside The brotherly Palestinian people who are exposed to the Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip are steadfast and support them today as they face the greatest suffering from killing, destruction and displacement by an arrogant war that does not know humanity, while we salute their steadfastness and sacrifices in the face of the usurping occupier.

Prof.Al-Widyan added that we declare here our support for His Majesty the King in his call for the United Nations, the influential forces in the world and its decision-makers, and the United States of America, which is biased, to stop the unjust war on the Palestinian people, the killing of defenseless civilians, the demolition of their homes, and their displacement, and then to support his firm position that there is no peace or stability in the region. Except by finding a solution to the Palestinian issue, the core of the ongoing conflict in the region, a just and comprehensive solution for the Palestinian people with self-determination that guarantees the establishment of their independent state and its sovereignty over its independent soil, with Holy Jerusalem as its capital.

The Dean of Student Affairs, Professor. Khaled Bani Hamdan, stressed the necessity of this solidarity stance, which represents a small part of what all members of Amman Arab University, including the governing councils, deans, members of the teaching and administrative bodies, and students, feel towards our brothers in Palestine in general, and in Gaza, in particular, to stand firm against the aggression they are exposed to. A brute who does not know old or young and does not distinguish between anyone in front of his brutal weapons directed at our people in Gaza, including women, children, the elderly and the defenseless.

In turn, the Dean of the Faculty of Sharia, Dr. Bilal Abu Qaddoum, stressed the necessity of solidarity and extending a helping hand in various available ways, which we have always been accustomed to providing by the Jordanian people to stand by their Palestinian brothers, and to continue praying for our steadfast people in Gaza, that God Almighty have mercy on their martyrs, heal the injured among them, and provide them with aid. And patience, as he and all attendees prayed for our people in sisterly Palestine and encouraged all attendees to perform absentee prayers for the souls of the martyrs of the usurping aggression in Gaza. To view the video of the event, follow the following link: Click Here