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Advanced Training Workshops at Amman Arab University

ورش تدريبية لتحسين وتطوير العمل بجامعة عمان العربية


Advanced Training Workshops at Amman Arab University

Within the framework of the Academic Development and Quality Assurance Center’s endeavor to develop and raise the level of academic performance of faculty members at Amman Arab University, the Academic Development Center concluded the activities of workshops and training programs directed to faculty members for the academic year 2023/2024.The Center held twenty-one workshops and training programs over the course of four weeks .These workshops were implemented by a number of specialized trainers and lecturers targeting all academic categories, including deans, deputies, assistants, department heads, faculty members, quality representatives in colleges, and those concerned with strategic planning, with the participation of more than 150 faculty members.

At the end of these activities, the President of the University, Professor. Mohammad Al-Widyan, stressed the importance of these workshops in improving and developing work at the University, raising performance, and enhancing the development of faculty members in the field of academic performance and scientific research within well-thought-out plans.

The topics of the workshops and training programs revolved around strategic planning, housing and the national qualifications framework using augmented and virtual reality technologies in education, managing innovation and entrepreneurship, ensuring the quality of academic programs and learning outcomes, student guidance instructions and procedures, integrating e-learning, and other topics related to colleges and academic departments. Scientific research and publishing.

It is noteworthy that the Center for Academic Development and Quality Assurance holds many workshops and training programs on a quarterly basis within the annual academic development plan, in line with the University’s strategic plan and to achieve developments taking place at the local and global levels in all fields.