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Free Medical Day at Amman Arab University

يوم طبي مجاني في "عمان العربية"


Free Medical Day at Amman Arab University

In line with the belief of Amman Arab University in social responsibility and its commitment to the values of giving and solidarity and under the auspices of the President of the University, Prof. Mohamed Al-Widyan, the University organized jointly between the Deanship of Student Affairs, the College of Pharmacy and the Health Center at the University, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the National Center for Women's Health, First Insurance Company and Doctors Without Borders "Free Medical Day" as part of the "Mozn Oman Arab" initiatives to serve the local community, students and university staff.

Prof. Mohamed Al-Widyan, President of the University, welcomed the companies participating in the medical day, and indicated that these activities are of great benefit to the local community, university employees and students because the medical service constitutes a basic humanitarian service and that such activities develop cooperation and partnership between the university and local community institutions.

In his speech, Dr. Khalid Bani Hamdan, Dean of Student Affairs, welcomed the attendees and thanked the entities supporting the activity. He added that such activities serve many entities, especially the local community, students and University employees, especially with the participation of various companies with long experience in the medical field.

In turn, the representative of the National Center for Women's Health Care thanked the Arab University of Amman for organizing such activities that serve the country and society and thanked the Deanship of Student Affairs for their work in order to complete all the equipment and arrangements that were reflected in the activity that serves everyone.

The medical day included many clinics, including: ophthalmology, gynecology clinics, children, bone fragility, and nutritional consultations provided by the Positive Thinking Company, King Hussein Cancer Center, and Medlab Medical Laboratory. Free medicines and vitamins were distributed to reviewers. A team of volunteers from the Deanship of Student Affairs and the College of Pharmacy also participated in organizing and assisting Reviewers of the free medical day with the competent authorities, including conducting many surgeries in Jordanian hospitals.