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Education Priority and Sustainable Development

أولوية التعليم والتنمية المستدامة


Education Priority and Sustainable Development
By: Prof. Dr. Younes Megdadi

Economists and sociologists emphasized the importance of education at its various levels as one of the inputs to sustainable development, based on its role in directing the compass of societies and countries towards recovery and prosperity. Education has become a major challenge that stands at the forefront of societies, prompting countries to focus on the education system as a priority due to their absolute belief that it is the perfect solution to change their condition and to secure a standard of living and social befitting their aspirations and future based on what is called sustainable development.

Education has become a preoccupation for decision-makers in various countries of the world and we are part of it, but the mechanisms for dealing with the education system have varied between countries as a priority, which has led to clear differences in the results and many evidences, which indicates the importance of education as a basic input in the renaissance and development States, occupying positions of power and influence, and the actual factory of human capital to solve problems, no matter how small or large, not to mention the remarkable competition between countries and at all levels, which came thanks to education.

Our belief in education as a priority requires a real pause and review of all aspects of the educational system and at various levels in order to ensure high-quality outputs and within international standards that contribute effectively to achieving sustainable development with its dimensions and multiple fields, relying on qualitative rather than quantitative education to shift the direction of the compass towards change and development at all social and economic levels. And cultural and other things and this is indeed what happened in many countries of the world in the past few decades. Rather, it has become the focus of the world's attention in light of the achievements that have been achieved.

Everyone looks forward to the goals and objectives of education and its outputs, such as the heat of the soul for the body, because it is the ideal solution to dissolve all outstanding problems in our lives in the absence of radical solutions. We all look forward to it.

As a matter of fairness, since decades ago and still is, education in Jordan is still a priority in its various stages, whether at the official or societal level, and we have been and still are in an advanced ranking in the level of education in the region despite the challenges, most notably the somewhat modest volume of spending on education, and the ambiguity of education strategies. The wealth of education is invaluable, which would achieve equal opportunities for everyone, not to mention the well-being of life economically, socially and psychologically, and push the wheel of sustainable development by distancing it by relying on the outputs of qualitative education based on creativity and creative innovation in all fields so that society and its economic, social and cultural components remain armed with science and knowledge to achieve Sustainable development, and the aspiration towards a better future in harmony with the visions and aspirations of  His Majesty King Abdullah II, the great son of Al-Hussein, and the Crown Prince of the Trustee, may God protect and preserve them, and their keenness witnessed for education.