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College of Engineering Implements Graduation Projects Serving Local Community at "Amman Arab University” 

مشاريع تخرج تخدم المجتمع المحلي لطلبة هندسة " عمّان العربية "


College of Engineering Implements Graduation Projects Serving Local Community at "Amman Arab University” 

Amman - Based on the mission of the College of Engineering at Amman Arab University, which aims to provide distinguished University education and produce creative scientific research that serves the community, produces knowledge, achieves quality, and contributes to comprehensive development by directing students to prepare graduation projects that present innovative pioneering ideas for first-of-its-kind projects, graduation projects for students of the Department of Architecture Engineering are followed up by faculty members in the college in a diligent manner, in a way that reflects positively on the quality of engineering projects for students. Eight students discussed a graduation project (2), in the presence of the Dean of the College, Professor .Abdullah Odainat, supervised by Dr. Samer Al-Ratrout and the followed-up of the Head of the Department of Architecture, Prof. Hanan Ahmad.

The discussions took place in the Department of Architecture and in the presence of an external arbitration committee consisting of engineers with scientific and practical experiences from the Jordanian Engineers Association and from private sectors in the labor market, which gives the student the opportunity to engage in the labor market through training programs for easy employment and better options. The eight projects are as follows: 

Designed and prepared by the student, Hatem Abu Mahfouz, it is a global exhibition that expresses the Jordanian state - based on the idea of investing in the minds and energies of youth in society. It enables the visitor to create his own experience through pieces of (PIXELS) that can be dismantled, installed and used, which in turn creates a state of unique experiences for users and makes the building sustainable and capable of dismantling, installing and changing its shape in any place and time, and the exhibition also has an impact on the visitor where the visitor can take part of the building.

The second project is Watteen Academy for Performing Arts
The Wateen Academy for Performing Arts design project, designed and prepared by the student Afnan Saleh, is a cultural, educational, economic, recreational and tourism project that presents creative models on how to use performing arts to enrich the educational process and social development in Jordan.

The third project (welcome) Hup tourist visitor
A project that aims to introduce the authentic culture of Amman and create an effective path that revives the downtown area. Designed and prepared by student Omar Saleh, it activates the urban fabric. The project also employs the Amman Municipality plan and a cultural, urban and tourist track.

The fourth project is the Fantasia Center for Unconventional Arts
Fantasia Center for Unconventional Art, designed and prepared by the student Yasmine Shabani. The project represents the modern renaissance of traditional arts. It hosts and encourages the emotional impact that usually accompanies the state of creativity for a new artwork through designing the site with an urban concept, that is, taking the old, building on it, and displaying it in an unconventional way. , The project is located in Jabal Al-Weibdeh to complement the existing approach.

The Fifth project
Wisal designed and prepared by the student Bayan Adeeb, as the name of the project stems from the lofty goal that searches for the link between community power and government power, which is about creating a community with a character that simulates the culture of the place and its symbolism in providing government services to the people of the Ghor region with a community character to enhance the sense of belonging And meet their basic educational needs and reach the governmental authority of society.

The sixth project is Hayyab Adventure Center
Hiyab Adventure Center, designed and prepared by the student Shaima Al-Nowaihi. It is a center for experiencing adventures with feelings of fear and mystery, and ensuring safety with happy endings, full of shopping and restaurants. It is located on Queen Rania and Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah Streets to balance the nature of activities in the region.

The seventh project, Hip hop resistance ( MOQAWAM )
A resistant project designed and prepared by the student Youssef Moqbel. It is a project that aims to rehabilitate societal phenomena such as bullying that deterred young artists and turn it into a positive motivating bullying to transform from negative energies of cases of violence into positive energies that practice the five elements of hip-hop achieved in the project from the language of the street in which it appeared and conveyed it in its authentic culture as well. It is possible to exploit the project for all social groups to develop and become an urban vision for the city of Amman, the capital.

The eighth project is to design a Wed center for autistic children
A project to design a Wed Center for autistic children, prepared and designed by the student Ahlam Hashem Abdel-Aal, serving the local community. The project provides a comprehensive architectural design for the building.