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The Second Engineering Scientific Day at "Amman Arab University"

اليوم العلمي الهندسي الثاني في " عمان العربية"


The Second Engineering Scientific Day at "Amman Arab University"

Amman - Under the auspices of the President of Amman Arab University, Prof. Mohamad Al-Widyan, College of Engineering at the University held the second Engineering Scientific Day in the presence of Prof. Ikhlas Al-Tarawneh, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Assistant to the President for Financial and Administrative Affairs, Ms. Nadia Al-Qadimat, Dean of the College of Engineering, Prof. Abdullah Al-Adenat, heads of academic departments , teaching and administrative staff and college students, with the participation of a number of local companies.

The organization of this scientific day comes due to its great importance for students, as the students of the College of Engineering present distinguished projects and pioneering initiatives, and it also contributes to strengthening cooperation with the Jordanian industrial sector, in addition to the ability of the College of Engineering to meet the needs of the current labor market by reviewing study plans for academic programs.

In this regard, Prof. Al-Widyan emphasized the role of the University in contributing to the preparation of engineering competencies that contribute to national development by graduating students equipped with the knowledge and skills required for the local, regional and global labor market. In turn, Prof. Al-Adainat clarified the college's plans to upgrade its academic programs and move towards obtaining education quality accreditations locally and globally.