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Agile Management and Investment Engagement

تشجيع الاستثمار والإدارة الرشيقة


Agile Management and Investment Engagement
By: Prof. Dr. Younes Megdadi, Amman Arab University

We hear continuously and through various media, not to mention from a number of investors about many problems, outstanding issues and difficulties facing investors with regard to the procedures associated with obtaining official approvals to enter the Jordanian market and for various economic sectors, including duplication and overlap in responsibilities and procedures, and the multiplicity of relevant authorities concerned The relationship, and some complications related to the necessary documents as requirements, slowness in the decision-making process and others, which contributed to raising the level of discontent and aversion among investors instead of attracting them as a goal and objective of enacting the investment promotion law and creating an investment authority, which made everyone count on them to revive the current economic situation and move the wheel Economic life by removing it according to the aspirations of the nation and its leadership.

We also hear from observers and those interested in economic affairs that the essence of the outstanding issues that local or foreign investors repeatedly call for was the absence of the so-called agile management aimed at ensuring the success of the procedures for investment requests by investors, dissolving complexities and procedural interferences to reach official approvals, as is the case in many countries, through which it was actually able to simplify these procedures, which ultimately contributed to generating positive reactions, satisfaction and a real desire to invest from the investors' point of view.

Experiences of many countries confirmed that one of the most prominent elements of investment attractiveness is not only the abundance of available resources, but also the facilities and the smoothness and ease of procedures to enable investors to obtain the necessary approvals in accordance with the Investment Promotion Law as a basis for encouraging investors instead of the multiplicity and complexity of procedures and requirements, etc., which leave nothing but the loss of investment opportunities and the flight of investors As a result, we find ourselves unable to achieve what we seek, and we will be a reason to weaken the wheel of the national economy, which everyone aspires to.

The practice of agile management as one of the successful management models, which formed eyewitness success stories in many countries of the world, and the evidence and evidence are many and known to all, and it was the real reason for creating an attractive environment for investment and investors to enter their various investments. It is one of the countries in light of the large numbers of investors who resorted to it, which constituted a qualitative leap in their economies and away from the complexities, overlaps and others.

In order to translate the goals of implementing the concept of agile management, a comprehensive review of investment promotion procedures, mechanisms and strategies is necessary, in order for everyone to create an attractive environment for investors in various sectors to compete in to move the wheel of the national economy and national output, especially in light of the global economic and aimed at liberalizing investment restrictions.