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Amman Arab University Honors the Top Secondary School Students in Ain Al-Basha District and Al-Baqa'a Camp

"عمان العربية" تكرم اوائل الثانوية العامة في لواء عين الباشا ومخيم البقعة


Amman Arab University Honors the Top Secondary School Students in Ain Al-Basha District and Al-Baqa'a Camp

Amman - Coping with the University’s vision to strengthen the bridges of cooperation with the local community and under the patronage of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Amman Arab University, Dr. Omar Mashhour Hishadih Al-Jazi, Amman Arab University organized a celebration to honor the top students at the General Secondary School in Ain Al-Basha District and Al-Baqa’a Camp . Prof. Mohamad Al-Widyan, President of the University and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Ahmed Al-Khaled from State of Kuwait, deans of faculties, directors of administrative units, and a number of notables in the region attended the event.

In this regard, Dr. Al-Jazi said in the celebration, addressing the outstanding students: Here you have written the most wonderful examples of success and excellence, and you have overcome this stage with hard work, diligence, patience, suffering and staying up late nights with the success of God Almighty first and then thanks to the care of your dear parents and the efforts of your schools with their administrations and teachers, we are proud and proud, so be ready to complete  your educational career and walk on the blessing of God and continue the determination and determination and maintain this success and excellence in your universities that you will choose.

In turn, Prof. Al-Widyan said, “You are coming to another stage of your academic life, and time is advancing with you towards a promising future that will bring goodness to you and our beloved country, Jordan.”  

In addition, Prof. Al-Widyan said that Amman Arab University always seeks to enhance partnership with the local community in all its governmental and private sectors, to provide services with all its capabilities at the academic and social levels, and to highlight its distinguished role in providing educational opportunities for all members of the community in general and for the people of this surrounding region, especially by providing rare specializations such as maintenance sciences.  Aircraft, avionics and cyber security, which is the first of its kind in the Middle East.

Dr. Hassan Marshoud, Chairman of the Baqa’a Camp Committee, expressed his pride at Amman Arab University for the many discounts and privileges it offers towards the local community and the camp’s residents, which is a beacon of knowledge and a distinguished national edifice in education.  In it, they expressed their pride and thanks to Amman Arab University for this annual initiative undertaken by the university, and they congratulated the students for the fruits of their efforts with excellence and success in the General Secondary Certificate.

At the end of the celebration, the sponsor of the ceremony presented the university’s shield to the Afaq Charitable Society, the university’s strategic partner in community service. Distinguished appreciation gifts were also distributed to the top students in high school.