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Houses of Experience: Between the Purpose and Return

Houses of Experience: Between the Purpose and Return
By: Prof. Dr. Younes Megdadi

The term houses of experience, which sticks in the minds of many educated, educated elites and expertise in various fields as one of the recognized references that decision-makers in various institutions and in all sectors use for the purpose of advice and advice, because of their intellectual opinions and propositions mixed with experience, experience and lessons learned over the years and which have a role in developing the performance and amplifying the returns of these institutions. There is no disagreement that the houses of experiences are nothing but an intellectual treasure with its value and returns in guiding the compass of life with its circumstances and challenges due to its reliance on the approach based on experience and away from the risks laden with expected risks that have undesirable consequences in many cases.

It is no secret to everyone that the returns achieved by the houses of experiences are very large, because they are an effective entrance to address many dilemmas and problems of various kinds and fields, and to provide effective solutions that will raise the level of performance and effectiveness of institutional work, as they have achieved a realistic transformation that contributed to the change and development of societies that aim to achieve development and its lofty goals at various levels. It is also not a secret to anyone that the houses of experiences have taken many societies, especially the advanced ones, by replacing the similar and common names such as consultants or consultants with the term “houses of experiences” in word and deed, which has become a well-established culture in those societies and their institutions and in various sectors, in contrast to what exists in the societies of developing countries that dedicate the name “adviser” or a consultant a lot in the organizational and administrative structures of its various institutions without seeing any radical solutions to many of the problems and challenges of many sectors. Rather, many see that the suffering still exists.

The purpose of using consulting firms is not to detract from the value of any one of those belong to any institutions, who are part of their professional and professional cadre, but to highlight the importance of the firms of houses of experiences as a store of strategic knowledge and expertise that must be employed and utilized as alternative tools that can be activated to feed decisions and provide solutions to address many problems. In various fields such as politics, economics, health, education, agriculture, water, judiciary, legislation and others in order to avoid the risks of error, no matter how small or large.

Accordingly, we believe that employing houses of experiences as a reference, an intellectual encyclopedia, an opinion holder, and an expert in rationalizing decisions based on and implementation, so that everyone is at the same distance in serving the community with its components and institutions towards renaissance and development and achieving development goals and future aspirations in all fields.