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The Effective Citizenship and the Universities Role

The Effective Citizenship and the Universities Role

By: Prof. Dr. Younes Megdadi

His Majesty King Abdullah II, may God protect him, pointed out in his fourth discussion paper, “Towards Enabling Democracy and effective Citizenship,” the importance of effective citizenship and its role in building the nation., belonging and absolute loyalty to it, and full commitment to responsibilities and duties as a contribution from everyone towards the superiority of the relationship between the citizen and the homeland for his service and elevation so that the homeland is a title and a home for all. The noble goals and objectives of effective citizenship are represented by many benefits for the benefit of all, including access to civil rights for all, participation of all in public affairs, responsible freedom, equality and equal opportunities, the consolidation of the language of constructive dialogue, and respect for ideological and cultural diversity, which in total have two titles that bear many implications for the benefit of citizen and the homeland all this confirms that citizenship is a national duty.

Youth category in our Jordanian society is the largest in number as a group of importance that everyone can rely on towards building the future of the country due to the ideas, determination and loftiness that this group carries to have a role and active participation in development and qualitative change towards the dignity of the country to be in the ranks of advanced countries and societies.

We all know the importance and role of universities as one of the main partners, as they are the real factories for building personality and minds for future generations, based on instilling the culture of citizenship with its concepts and goals and its exclusion in the personality, identity, behavior and attitudes of students towards the homeland as they are the makers of the prosperous future by giving, love, dedication and loyalty to their homeland, community and institutions. In order to translate the universities’ keenness to consolidate the culture of citizenship among their students, we suggest linking the national education course to reality and aspirations of homeland, and to integrate students with issues and topics of homeland concerns to root the concepts of national education with effective citizenship, more number of workshops specialized in the homeland issues, and open channels of communication with students to participate With their ideas and directions for activating the culture of citizenship with its concepts, goals and dimensions, so that it becomes a way of life connected with the identity and personality of the student, so that student we look up to in the future and in his active role and enable him actively to participate in building the nation within a democratic atmosphere across generations.