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Innovative Entrepreneurial of University Education: between Reality and Ambition

Innovative Entrepreneurial of University Education: between Reality and Ambition
By: Prof. Dr. Younes Megdadi

Many of us have looked at the royal discussion papers of His Majesty King Abdullah II, may God protect him, which included several important topics, including education, and this clearly and unequivocally confirms His Majesty’s keenness to develop the education system to be able to create generations with entrepreneurial and innovative elements with their creative ideas to be able to efficiently assume the reins of responsibility in all sectors towards renaissance and sustainable development.
We are in the third millennium, as we witness many developments and challenges that directly affect our lives and future aspirations, and we assured that education is the only key capable of helping us to overcome the consequences and challenges of these circumstances towards building a future of prosperity, social, economic and psychological prosperity for members and institutions of society, and this key has changed a lot of several societies and lifting them from the bottom to the top and with a qualitative shift at all levels and examples are many, for example, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea, which have become countries that the world is proud of for their achievements and radical changes, thanks to education in all its stages, which has actually focused on building generations enjoying intellectual creativity for orientation towards leadership, excellence and competitiveness, and this is indeed what we see around us in many countries of the world.
The clarity of the royal discussion papers requires all of us to consider the procedural and executive steps to translate the content of these papers, including education at its various levels. In graduating future generations equipped with knowledge and skills towards creating pioneering, entrepreneurial  and innovative generations that are in harmony with the aspirations of society and the local and global labor market.
We all know that our public and private Jordanian universities, since their establishment, have been largely mind-making institutions to provide their students with knowledge and skills so that these graduates are the builders of the future. Unless that our universities facing a number of challenges to keep racing with the regional and international educational universities?
We all look forward to translating the concepts of leadership and applied innovation in higher education in word and deed to ensure capable graduation of students for managing responsibilities in various job positions to pursuit change and development, and keeping abreast of developments locally and globally within distinct intellectual frameworks and away from the causes and repercussions of slack and weakness produced by traditional education that is inappropriate in our present time, especially in light of the current circumstances and its challenges.
Accordingly, the development of the university education system within the concepts of leadership and innovation, as it requires a set of directions and strategic decisions to be applied to the educational and educational outputs of universities, including the need to move away from the traditional and repetitive academic programs in universities, develop study plans for academic programs with all their components, and develop teaching methods in order to develop the intellectual system For students, providing a fertile university environment for entrepreneurial and innovation, activating the role of leadership and innovation centers and incubators, providing all their requirements, and integrating students into pioneering projects to form in their entirety the real breakthrough towards change and pioneering development in building the university student.