fbpxPurchasing Department | Amman Arab University

Purchasing Department


  1. Following up all orders of purchasing based on supplies regulations at the university.
  2. Searching for sources of required supplies via the database at supplies and tender division in coordination with relevant bodies.
  3. Receiving price offers from relevant companies.
  4. Following up companies to assure receiving price offers for the needed supplies in line with university regulations.
  5. Keeping price offers in special files and sending them to the relevant bodies 
  6. Revising the forms of preparing offers and making sure of the validity of procedures.
  7. Preparing the orders of supply and decisions of purchase, revising them and making sure of matching between purchasing and the ordering. 
  8. Informing companies of accepting their offers and making sure of sending referrals. In addition, following up delivering the needed supplies to the university warehouses. 
  9. Preparing all inbox and outbox correspondences relevant to cancelation, increasing financial allocations, letters of following up companies, cancelling referrals and all procedures relevant to purchasing.
  10. Following up the procedures of receiving samples from companies and delivering them to the relevant bodies for analysis and approval. Then sending them back to the companies or keeping them.
  11. Following up purchasing the required supplies in accordance with the agreements signed with the university.