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Media Department



Participating in the preparation of the operational plans of the department, linking them with the university’s objectives, and following up all issues that concern the university in order to provide the best services efficiently and effectively, and suggest policies that organize the work of department. 

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Presenting the university and its role through media, seminars and lectures.
  • Supervising the issuance of various releases about the university.
  • Coordinating with institutions and official departments to serve the goals of the university and its activities.
  • Following-up media means in order to monitor and document news that are related to the university.
  • Establishing a media network and special guide that concern the Jordanian and Arabic media organizations.
  • Preparing reports on the achievements of department.
  • Writing and editing news and advertisements and sending them to newspapers, news agencies, selected magazines, and website.
  • Preparing promotional materials and publications used in exhibitions and organizing marketing campaigns internally and externally.
  • Participating in the development of goals, strategic plan and general policies and decisions of PR department.
  • Performing of media plan and suggested programs.
  • Supervising and coordinating with graphic design department
  • Suggesting recommendations for of media and publishing plans.
  • Building and managing the accounts of social media accounts of the university.
  • Stay informed on what's new in social media accounts.
  • Increase and expand the network of interested and followers of the university through social media accounts.
  • Publication of events through the media media and the electronic aaunews (Arabic and English) through the follow-up activities and coverage.
  • Ability to increase the number of followers in all social media accounts.
  • Follow-up and continuous interaction and processing of requests and inquiries of customers.
  • Knowledge of global times when disseminating information and information to the target group.
  • Emphasize the quality and formulation of publications and strive for innovation and continuous innovation.