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Vision, Mission, and Objectives

Vision, Mission, and Objectives


Incubating environment for innovation and entrepreneurial works.


Supporting and incubating entrepreneurial ideas, motivating business mentality, creating an environment for creative ideas and providing ways for success.


1.    Disseminating and honing awareness of innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, talent and distinction.
2.    Encouraging creative students to launch their inventive competencies in order to develop them in various fields of business.
3.    Transforming creative ideas into applicable and adoptable projects. 
4.    Reducing unemployment and increasing the income of creative and entrepreneurial students and the local community.
5.    Getting students and community involved in entrepreneurship in conjunction with Relations and Social Responsibility Office.
6.    Contributing to the process of education and creative training for the students and community in conjunction with Relations and Social Responsibility Office.
7.    Fostering creative thinking to produce a pioneering generation.