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Engineering and General Services Department providing the necessary maintenance and all types of services in the university. Our target that, to make sure all faculties and buildings ready to using by the students and the employees. 

Our team with very good experience trying the Reach the best level of services and to meet the required Specifications and Standards including the below:

  • Electrical system Maintenance and repair.
  • Sewage system Maintenance and repair.
  • Central heating system Maintenance and repair.
  • All the civil work.
  • AC system Maintenance and repair.
  • Fire extinguishing system.
  • Elevators.
  • solar power.
  • Water purification plant
  • Power supply systems (UPS).
  • Follow-up the cleaning work on a daily basis in all facilities of the University.
  • Follow-up the Transport Department.
  • Follow-up the agriculture work.
  • Follow-up the contractors work of and all the development new work.
  • Follow-up the correspondence work.