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A Hybrid Image Compression Technique Using DFT and DCT, International Journal of Science and Applied Information Technology.

Amhammed, Aesha A., and Omari, Mahmoud
Download2019A Proposed Decision Tree Classifier for Atherosclerosis Prediction and Classification, IJCSNS International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security.Qawqzeh, Yousef K., Otoom, Mohammad Mahmood, Jaradat, Ghaith, and others
Download2019Enhancing Arabic Named Entity Recognition Using Hybrid Parallel Techniques, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology.Otair, M. A., Otaiwi, Z., Odat, A.
Download2019The Difference Between Shopping Online Using Mobile Apps and Website Shopping: A Case Study of Service Convenience, DP - International Journal of Computer Information Systems and Industrial Management Applications.Almarashdeh, Ismaeil Awawdeh Ibrahim, Jaradat, Ghaith, and others
Download2019The effect of perceived trust in technology, trust in the bank and perceived risk on customer adoption of mobile banking, IEEE - International Conference on Internet of Things, Embedded Systems and Communications (IINTEC).Almarashdeh, Ibrahim, Aldhmour, Kamal, Jaradat, Ghaith, and others