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Distance Measures and Stemming Impact on Arabic Document Clustering.

The Tenth Asia Information Retrieval Societies Conference (AIRS 2014), Springer, Sarawak, Malaysia

Bsoul, Q., Al-Shamari, E., Masnizah M., & Atwan J.
Download2014“Data Mining Approach in Host and Network-Based Intrusion Prevention System”, in “Studies in Computational Intelligence”, Volume 542, Edited by: Liming Chen and Supriya Kapoor Rahul Bhatia, Springer International Publishing Switzerland, ISSN 1860-9503, Web Site: http://www.springer.com.Al-Hamami A.
Download2014Editor of “Threat Detection and Countermeasures in Network Security”, Published in the United State of America, Harshey, PA: Information Science Reference (an imprint of IGI Global.Al-Hamami A.
Download2014Analysis of Mobile Agent Optimization Patterns. British Journal of Applied Sciences& technology. 4(12). P.p. 1841-1857.Al Shrouf, F., Turani, A., AbuBaker, A., Omri. A.
Download2014Micro calcification Enhancement and Detection using Texture Features and Support Vector Machine. European Journal of Scientific Research. Vol. 119. No. 1. P.p. 85-97.AbuBaker, A., Al Shrouf, F., Turani. A.
Download2014Balancing the Network Clusters for the Lifetime Enhancement in Dense Wireless Sensor Networks. Arabian Journal of Science and Engineering. DOI 10.1007/s13369-014-1059-x, SpringerHesham A., Shkoukani, M., & Al Shrouf F.
Download2014Modeling Virtual Meetings Within Software Engineering Environment. International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering. Vol. 6, No. 4. P.p.164-168.Turani, A., AbuBaker, A., & Al Shrouf F.
Download2014Componentized-Based Framework for Developing Engineering E-Training Content. “European Journal of Scientific Research”. Volume 121 No 3 pp: 321-327.Turani, A., Alomari M., & Al-Shrouf F.