fbpxDean of Student Affairs at "Amman Arab University" Meets the General Bodies of Student Clubs | Amman Arab University

Dean of Student Affairs at "Amman Arab University" Meets the General Bodies of Student Clubs

عميد شؤون الطلبة في "عمان العربية" يلتقي الهيئات العامة للأندية الطلابية


Dean of Student Affairs at "Amman Arab University" Meets the General Bodies of Student Clubs

Under the guidance of the President of Amman Arab University, Prof. Mohamed Al-Widyan, the Dean of Student Affairs, Prof. Khalid Bani Hamdan, met in the presence of Dr. Alaa Al-Bawat, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, and Shaza Al-Rabi, Head of the Student Counseling Department at the General Organizations of Student Clubs of the Deanship of Student Affairs, which includes (297) students affiliated with the clubs (social cultural, dialogue, volunteering, sports), as part of a series of periodic meetings organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs and is interested in the university with students, who are the basic building block of the educational process at the university.

During the meeting, prof. Bani Hamdan spoke about the diversity of extracurricular activities at Amman Arab University, and stressed the encouragement of students to benefit from the free training courses provided by the Career Guidance Office at the Deanship within the student's skills portfolio during his presence in the study seats, where the student obtains accredited certificates with all the training courses he attends that enable him to acquire the knowledge that qualifies him to the labor market.

He also explained that the governing councils of the university, under the authority of the Deanship of Student Affairs, amended all regulations and instructions in favor of partisan student activities in line with the directions of the Jordanian government led by His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein and his Crown Prince Al-Hussein bin Abdullah, by encouraging Jordanian university students to engage in party life. The Deanship of Student Affairs has prepared the university environment in terms of systems and instructions that facilitate the party students' party activities at the university - it went beyond holding workshops and presenting lectures that explain to students the party law, the electoral law and party systems within the university, and within a sound legal framework in partnership with the Ministry of Political Development and the Independent Election Commission for Elections And the constitutional committees responsible for the student party life systems.

At the end of the meeting ,Prof. Bani Hamdan stressed that within the strategic plan of the University, work will be done to activate the student council in the coming years, and that the current work will be limited to elections for student clubs as a first stage. He pointed out that among the instructions of the student clubs approved at the university, the elections will be during the month of October of the beginning of each university year. At the end of the meeting, Prof. Bani Hamdan answered the questions and inquiries of the students.