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Amman Arab University Renews (ISO 21001:2018) Certificate for the Next Three Years

جامعة عمان العربية تجدد شهادة (ISO 21001:2018) لثلاث سنوات قادمة


Amman Arab University Renews (ISO 21001:2018) Certificate for the Next Three Years

As part of its efforts to achieve its vision of obtaining advanced positions in local and international classifications and accreditations and improving the quality of its educational and administrative outcomes, and under the guidance of Professor. Mohamad Al-Widyan, President of Amman Arab University, the university was able, with the combined efforts of all its members, to renew the International Quality Certificate (ISO 21001:2018) until the end of the year. 2027.

It is noteworthy that this global standard is concerned with higher education institutions in terms of scientific research and the quality of their strategic and procedural plans, and shows the extent of their colleges, deanships and administrative units’ commitment to applying international quality standards, and the various policies and procedures emanating from them, as specialized experts from the Norwegian company DNV implemented this standard over the course of two days with a field visit to the University’s facilities and its administrative and academic units to audit the quality of application of the sub-standards of this global standard, which culminated in obtaining the necessary approvals to renew the certificate for the next three years, praising the distinguished improvements that Amman Arab University has achieved, represented by the computerization of performance indicators to measure its quality with all efficiency, competence, speed, and accuracy. It is noted that the University had obtained this certificate since 2021, and it is the third Jordanian university to obtain it at the level of public and private universities, which indicates the effectiveness, excellence and quality of its management system.

In this regard, Dr. Husam Al-Hamad, Assistant to the President for Planning and Quality Assurance, added that the university administration has accelerated its steps in the last three years with the quality of the management system, and was able to facilitate and shorten the procedures and then computerize them, as the mechanisms for implementing procedures, forms, and questionnaires have become computerized and accessible to everyone, students, administrators, and faculty members, which enhances the culture and awareness of quality, follow-up mechanisms, and strengths and avoids the weaknesses in the university’s management system and strategic and procedural plans.

In turn, Dr. Ahmed Al-Husban, Director of the Center for Academic Development and Quality Assurance, pointed out that the efforts of the Center and its three departments made great efforts to achieve this achievement, in cooperation with the various university departments and deanships, and that this achievement was the result of a harmonious combination between outstanding management and competent administrators.

For his part, the President of Amman Arab University, Professor. Mohamad Al-Widyan, congratulated this achievement for all the University’s members, and stated that he looked forward to more effort and giving from them to raise the competitive level of the university that would enable it to lead and excel in all fields, and to be a destination and a pioneering scientific incubator for Arab and Jordanian students alike.