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Aviation Sciences at “Amman Arab University” Meets New Students

علوم الطيران في "عمان العربية" تلتقي بالطلبة الجدد


Aviation Sciences at “Amman Arab University” Meets New Students

Based on the directives of the President of Amman Arab University, Professor. Mohamad Al-Widyan, College of Aviation Sciences at the University held a meeting for the college’s new students, cohort (13), as part of a series of periodic meetings organized by the university administration with the students, who are the basic building block of the learning process at the University, which our Hashemite leadership always calls for and empowers the role of youth in building society through leadership and innovation. Dr. Anwar Al-Assaf, Dean of the College of Aviation Sciences, and the college’s academic staff, met with the students. During the meeting, the new students were welcomed and congratulated on their acceptance into the College of Aviation Sciences with its programs in aircraft maintenance and avionics sciences.

During the meeting, Dr. Al-Assaf pointed out the development and achievements of the college since its establishment in 2017, which is considered one of the unique colleges of its kind in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the region, and the strategic partnership that links the university and the college with the Middle East Aviation Academy, noting the international accreditations it obtained, the most important of which is the (AABI) accreditation. (American accreditation academically, and European accreditation (EASA) professionally, both of which enhance the student’s scientific and practical skills, which qualify him to enter the labor market quickly and efficiently. Dr. Al-Assaf pointed to the high employment rates for college graduates, which exceeded 80%, in addition to the high success rates in the university proficiency examination, which exceeded 85%. Also, in addition to that, the college brings together approximately (10) different nationalities among its students from several countries.

Dr. Al-Assaf explained the training and practical courses and workshops that the college offers to its students during the student’s academic path, which qualifies him for success in the labor market in the future. During the meeting, the students were informed of the career path adopted by the college. Dr. Al-Assaf added that the dean of the college and its academic staff are interested in assessing and evaluating the outcomes of educational programs and developing Plans to improve them to provide students with the highest levels of knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to work in the aircraft maintenance sector and mechanical and electronic troubleshooting, indicating the college’s efforts to diligently follow up on students academically and develop appropriate academic guidance plans for students, to enhance their strengths and avoid weaknesses in their academic career.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Al-Assaf stressed the importance of hard work, diligence, and pursuing educational achievement by the students, and encouraged them to gain knowledge in the field of aviation and attend the first international aviation conference and various workshops held on the university campus, Amman Arab University.