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Amman Arab university Celebrates Jordanian Flag Day

"عمان العربية" تحتفل بيوم العلم الأردني


Amman Arab university Celebrates Jordanian Flag Day

Amman Arab University celebrated Jordanian Flag Day, emphasizing that it is a great national occasion to share the nation’s pure wealth with its people, institutions and sectors, to give it a sincere greeting from our hearts mixed with mystery and pottery.

Professor .Mohamad Al-Widyan, President of Amman Arab University, emphasized in his speech, saying: On Jordanian Flag Day, April 16, every year, we raise the flag in our hands and carry the pulse of its magnificence in our hearts, thus imprinting the kiss of belonging and loyalty on the nation’s forehead, throbbing with its bright colors that have been worn by civilizations steeped in history in glory. We stand with the eyes and the beating of our hearts, pledging to the leader of the nation to belong to the nation and to be loyal to the leadership. He added that we take advantage of this precious national occasion to raise my name and the name of all of you to the position of His Majesty King Abdullah II, Ibn Al-Hussein. Our sincerest congratulations and blessings coupled with the highest meanings of pride and belonging, asking God the Most High and Almighty to His Majesty and His Highness preserve his faithful reign as an asset and support for our homeland and its loyal people, and may he return it to us and to you with goodness and blessings, and to our homeland with progress and prosperity.

For his part, Professor. Khaled Bani Hamdan, Dean of Student Affairs, said: “This is our flag that our ancestors raised when we declared the independence of our precious land on May 25, 1946, the day on which sovereignty was established over the land, the end of the British mandate, and the pledge of allegiance to the late Abdullah I bin Al-Hussein as king of the country. And this is our flag.” Which our brave Arab army raised in its battles on the beloved land of Palestine in Karama, Damascus Gate and other battles of honor and steadfastness, where this is our flag that fluttered in the sky of beloved Palestine - and Gaza’s steadfastness -while our dear leaders and our proud people supported the steadfastness of our people in Gaza and healed their wounds, he pointed out that we are gathering today to celebrate together the Jordanian Flag Day - always flying high, God Almighty willing, and then the courage of honorable people, just as we celebrated together a while ago the silver jubilee of the accession of His Majesty King Abdullah II, son of Hussein ascended the throne and assumed his constitutional powers, which fell on February 7, 2024, the Day of Loyalty and Allegiance

Pointing out that our celebration today is an expression of our conscious national commitment and our keenness to consolidate the values of loyalty and belonging to the homeland and its leadership, always raising the fluttering banner under the leadership of our Blessed King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein and our beloved Crown Prince, Prince Hussein.