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"Amman Arab University" Participates in a Workshop at the Jordanian Al-Ahli Club

"عمان العربية " تشارك في ورشة عمل حول كيفية اختيار التخصص الجامعي بالنادي الأهلي الأردني


"Amman Arab University" Participates in a Workshop at the Jordanian Al-Ahli Club

Based on the objectives of Amman Arab University in stimulating distinguished and talented students, strengthening effective partnerships between the University and national institutions, and expanding its vision based on providing distinguished knowledge and original scientific research, in addition to community service, Amman Arab University participated in a workshop entitled “How to choose a University major.” It was held at the Jordanian Al-Ahli Club, where the University was represented by Mr. Anas Kaso, Head of the Media Unit in the Department of Media and Public Relations, and Ms. Noor Arafat from the Marketing Department.

The workshop aimed to teach tenth and first year secondary school students how to choose their majors for their next university life and the most important basic pillars that students must take into consideration, in addition to the mechanism of action of the general secondary school policy according to its new law.

Mr. Kaso presented the students and their families with an introductory overview of Amman Arab University; the University of Leadership and Excellence, the most important features of the university, and the developments it has worked on through classifications, certificates, and distinguished partnerships, in addition to the Student Skills Portfolio Initiative, which is the first of its kind in Jordanian higher education, and is focused on qualifying Amman Arab University students academically and professionally ,providing them with the skills needed by the labor market according to international studies, which enable university students to acquire all the human, applied and professional skills during their studies at the university through their participation in many free activities, courses and workshops according to systematic and studied methods and distributed over all years of study, and with specific timetables that enhance their CV. ,and their future career path.

Amman Arab University pavilion witnessed a large turnout by students, as the team presented the University’s approach to education and training that stems from its vision as a pioneering university that aims to refine the student’s personality and provide him with skills and knowledge to raise his competitiveness in the labor market, in addition to discounts of up to 90% based on the high school average.

The attendees expressed their admiration for the faculties of Amman Arab University and the pioneering specializations offered at the university that are unique to it, the most important of which is the College of Aviation Sciences, which is considered the first college of its kind in the Middle East, in addition to the majors: cybersecurity, data science, artificial intelligence, and digital marketing. On the sidelines of the workshop, the University signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Jordanian Ahli Club to provide additional discounts to club members and their families, as well as networking to serve scientific research and community service.