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The Opening of Amman Arab University’s Mosque

مسجد جامعة عمان العربية يرى النور


The Opening of Amman Arab University’s Mosque

Coping with the regulations of our true religion and the approach of Amman Arab University in its continuation of pioneering and excellence works and completing the infrastructure works that serve the University community by various means and methods, Amman Arab University Mosque was opened, with the generous grant of the brotherly State of Kuwait represented by the businessman, Mr. Mohammed Saleh Al-Khana, and in direct coordination from the Faculty of Sharia at the University with the Humanitarian Relief Society in Kuwait

The opening ceremony, which was held on the Centennial Stage at the University, was attended by: His Excellency the Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Dr. Hamad Rashid Al-Marri, His Excellency Mr. Khalid Sultan bin Isa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Concession Group, Mr. Mohammed Saleh Al-Khana, donor of the mosque, Dr. Sultan Al-Khana from the Humanitarian Relief Relief Society, and from the university, Dr. Omar Mashhour Al-Jazi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Professor Dr. Mohamed Al-Widyan, President of the University, and his assistants, deans of faculties ,faculty members and administrative staff at the University

In his opening speech, Dr. Omar Al-Jazi welcomed the audience and said that God Almighty has entrusted the Faculty of Sharia at Amman Arab University to sponsor the completion of this great mosque in this lofty scientific edifice under the auspices of the President of the university and his wise directives, as we sought at the university to complete this project based on his saying, may God bless him and grant him peace (Whoever builds a mosque for God, God builds a house for him in heaven), so we ask God in acceptance from the donor who donated generously and everyone who contributed to this great construction

In turn, the President of the University, Prof. Al-Widyan, thanked the honorable donor, and praised God that we at Amman Arab University are the perfect achievement of the distinguished achievement of the university and the university family.

The Dean of the Faculty of Sharia at Amman Arab University, Dr. Bilal Abu Qaddum, referred to the greatness of the matter for which we gather and the great legislator, who came with follow-up and supervision from the Faculty of Sharia and in cooperation with the University administrations. This project, which did not enter a people or a place, except that was a blessing on that place and his family remained merciful from God Almighty. He added that the joy of building mosques has good, blessing and mercy on the place where they are, where this opening of the Arab University mosque comes with a generous donation from Mr. Mohammed Saleh Al-Khana and a generous follow-up and funding from the Humanitarian Relief Association in the brotherly State of Kuwait to beacon of science, invitation and education throughout Amman Arab University

During the opening ceremony, which was moderated by a faculty member at the Faculty of Sharia, Dr. Abdullah Abu Shawar, a video was shown explaining the stages of the construction of the mosque from the establishment to the completion, in addition to a video about the Faculty of Sharia at Amman Arab University. After the end of the opening ceremony, the attendees went to cut the opening tape in the mosque and perform the noon prayer in the mosque

It is noteworthy that the Amman Arab University mosque is located inside the campus with a total area of approximately (600) square meters and there is a chapel dedicated to women and places for ablution. It was designed with the highest standards of construction and architecture, and on its roof there is a minare (20) meters long, toped by a crescent two meters long that was designed in a contemporary way.