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A Scientific Visit for "Amman Arab University" Business Students to Cairo Amman Bank

زيارة علمية لطلبة أعمال "عمّان العربية" لبنك القاهرة عمان


A Scientific Visit for "Amman Arab University" Business Students to Cairo Amman Bank

Proceeding from the objectives of Amman Arab University in building bridges of cooperation and strengthening partnership between it and public and private institutions and various sectors of society, the University and Cairo Amman Bank organized a field visit for students of the Faculty of Business - Accounting Department to Cairo Amman Bank / Ghor Al-Safi branch, with the aim of linking academic knowledge with practical reality and getting acquainted with Learn about the local market experiences and the used accounting systems, and get acquainted with the internal control system.

Mr. Mohamed Gomaa, Branch Manager of Cairo Amman Bank reviewed the bank’s establishment, services and products provided by the bank, the most important of which is the eye print that was unique to Cairo Amman Bank, one of the first banks that introduced it in the region, which works to identify the customer’s identity, stressing that the bank’s message and policy depend on networking with the local community and various sectoral activities in order to achieve a positive impact in the region, especially university students.

The visit included a detailed explanation of the accounting systems used, the internal control system, the importance of accounting science, and job opportunities for this rapidly developing specialty, indicating that the labor market is in urgent need of qualified and distinguished accounting graduates, directing graduates to the need to engage in business after graduation to gain experience.

At the end of the visit, Dr. Alaa Al-Bawat, a faculty member in the Accounting Department at Amman Arab University, thanked the senior management of Cairo Amman Bank, represented by Mrs. Lina Tarawneh, Head of Control and Oversight Department, and Mr. Amin Al-Amoush, Branches Manager, for the prompt response and instructing to facilitate the mission of the visit. He also thanked the Bank Manager Cairo Amman / Ghor Al-Safi Branch for providing this opportunity to students, while the participating students expressed their happiness for this visit, stressing that it constituted a strong incentive for further educational attainment and skills acquisition.