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MC Faculty Members Publications 2020



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Download2020A parallel hybrid krill herd algorithm for feature selection, International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics.Abualigah, Laith, Alsalibi, Bisan, Shehab, Mohammad, Alshinwan, Mohammad, Khasawneh, Ahmad M., Alabool, Hamzeh
Download2020An intelligent long-lived TCP based on real-time traffic regulation, Multimedia Tools and Applications.Al Shinwan, Mohammad, Abualigah, Laith, Le, Nguyen Dinh, Kim, Chulsoo, Khasawneh, Ahmad M.
Download2020EFFICIENT VIDEO ENCODING ACCELERATION FOR CLOUD GAMING, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology.MAZHAR, AA., MIZHER, MA.
Download2020Green computing in underwater wireless sensor networks pressure centric energy modeling, IEEE Systems Journal.Khasawneh, Ahmad M, Kaiwartya, Omprakash, Abualigah, Laith M, Lloret, Jaime
Download2020Impact Factors Affecting Entrepreneurial Intention of Jordanian Private Universities Students: A Mediation Analysis of Perception Toward Entrepreneurship, Sustainable and Energy Efficient Computing Paradigms for Society (pp. 53-65). Springe.Alkhatib, K., Al-Aiad, A., Mustafa, M., & Alzubi, S.
Download2020 Moth–flame optimization algorithm: variants and applications, Neural Computing and Applications.Shehab, Mohammad, Abualiga, Laith h, Al Hamad, Husam, Alabool, Hamzeh, Alshinwan, Mohammad, Khasawneh, Ahmad M.
Download2020The Moderating Effect of Demographic Factors Acceptance Virtual Reality Learning in Developing Countries in the Middle East, Advances in Computing and Data Sciences (pp. 12-23). Springer, Singapore. (Springer).Mustafa, M., Alzubi, S., & Alshare, M.
Download2020Void aware routing protocols in underwater wireless sensor networks: variants and challenges, Journal of Physics: Conference SeriesKhasawneh, Ahmad M, Abualigah, Laith, Al Shinwan, Mohammad