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CSI - CIS Faculty Members Publications 2020

CIS Faculty Members Publications 2020



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Download2020A hybrid Gray Wolf Optimizer and Sperm Swarm Optimization for Global Optimization, HICO-2021: Handbook of Intelligent Computing and Optimization for Sustainable Development.Shehadeh, Hisham A., and Shagari, Nura Modi
Download2020Heterogeneous Energy and Traffic Aware Sleep-Awake Cluster-Based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network, IEEE Access.Shagari, Nura Modi, Shehadeh, Hisham A., and others
Download2020Optimal Placement of Near Ground VHF/UHF Radio Communication Networks as a Multi-Objective Problem, Wireless Personal Communication, Springer.Shehadeh, Hisham A., Ahmedy, Ismail, and others
Download2020Solving text clustering problem using a memetic differential evolution algorithm, PLoS One.Hossam M. J. Mustafa , Masri Ayob , Dheeb Albashish and Sawsan Abu-Taleb