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Instructor Namespecific MajorSuggested Consultation
Prof. Wael MasoudSpecial EducationSpecial Education
Prof. Siham AbueitaPsychology and Counseling1. Psychology and Counseling (families, workers, adolescents and children)
Prof. Abdullah AlewedatFoundation of education. Equal educational opportunities. 2-Social and professional mobility in Arab societies. 3. Future studies. 4. Social and cultural change in Arab societies. 5.Globalization has its cultural, social, economic and political implications in the Arab worl
Prof. Shatha Al- AjeelyEducational PsychologyEducational Psychology
Prof. Odeh abu sneinehCurriculum and Teaching Methods1. Curriculum and Teaching Methods 2. Educational Habilitation 3. Methods of Teaching Social Studies
Prof. Adnan Al-JadiriCurricula and Instruction of Continuing and Vocational Technical Education1. Methods of teaching science 2. Educational and psychological counseling 3. General Curriculum 4. Vocational training 5. Technical and Vocational Education
Dr. Dyala IbrahimInformation Security-CybersecurityInformation Security - Artificial intelligence - Image processing - Biometrics
Dr. Omar Al-TarawnehSoftware EngineeringSoftware quality- Software certification - Software assessment - MCDM process
Dr. Laith AbualigahArtificial IntelligenceOptimization process
Dr. Kamal AliyanCybersecurityCybersecurity- Ethical Hacking- Hacking- IoT Security