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Consultation platform

Instructor Namespecific MajorSuggested Consultation
Dr. Bassam GhanemFoundations of Education1. The fundamentals of education: intellectual, philosophical, educational, psychological, social, cultural. 2. Teacher preparation and development 3. Educational Administration
Dr. Wafaa AleidLearning disabilities1. Learning disability 2. Teacher use of technology and aiding services 3. Autism 4. Disabled students’ families 5. Gifted students 6. Special education fields 7. Behavior Modification
Dr. Rami Al-ShogranComputer in Education and Management Rigorous specialization: educational management1. Educational leadership 2. Planning
Dr. Mo’en AlnasraweenMeasurement and evaluation1. Statistics in Scientific Research 2. Statistics analysis
Dr. Nabil hemedanSpecial education1. Special education 2. ASD/ADHD 3. Inclusion 4. Behavioral modification
Dr. Suhaila Banatpsychological and educational counseling1. Family counseling 2. gifted and talented students 3. Educational and psychological counselors 4. Advising special cases (orphans, divorced women, abused women, widows)
Dr. Rand ArabiyatEducational and psychology CounselingEducational and psychology Counseling
Dr. Iyad al shawarebDevelopment psychologyDevelopment and psychology
Dr. Zuhair ZaghloolCurricula and Instruction/English Language1. Learning and teaching English. 2. Learning and teaching English Using computers
Prof. Intisar AshaEducational Psychology1. Educational Psychology 2. Behavior Modification 3. Intuitive Thinking - Theory and Practice