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Training Division


  • limit the competencies and experiences of faculty members inside and outside the university  when necessary to create a database in the field of studies and research work.
  • prepare specialized technical teams from the university to conduct studies, researches and consultations
  • prepare all agreements related to studies, consultations and technical services 
  • follow-up all agreements related to studies, consultations and performance development held by the Center.
  • Follow-up technical examinations and laboratory tests in various faculties of the university.
  • Prepare and arrange of all workshops and scientific seminars held by the Center.
  • organize all files for training courses
  • Prepare reports for training courses or any related material.
  • Develop the administrative and technical capacities of the academic and administrative members of the university through holding training courses.
  • Hold training courses for university students and employees of public and private institutions.
  • Prepare authentic certificates for courses held by the Center