fbpxIn the presence of His Excellency Al-Mubaideen "Amman Arab University" Celebrates the Battle of Dignity | Amman Arab University

In the presence of His Excellency Al-Mubaideen "Amman Arab University" Celebrates the Battle of Dignity

بحضور معالي المبيضين "عمان العربية" تحيي ذكرى معركة الكرامة


In the presence of His Excellency Al-Mubaideen "Amman Arab University" Celebrates the Battle of Dignity

The Minister of Government Communication, the official spokesman for the government, Dr. Muhannad Al-Mubawabin, confirmed during his speech at a seminar on the occasion of the "Battle of Dignity" held at Amman Arab Amman University under the auspices of His Excellency Dr. Omar Mashhoor, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Amman Arab University, and in the presence of Prof. Mohamed Al-Widyan, the President of the University, assistants of the President, the deans of colleges, managers of administrative units, members of the academic and administrative staff and students of the university, that the Hashemite faith is steadfast in defending the Palestinian cause since Sharif Al-Sharif Al-Hussein bin Ali, may God rest his soul until His Majesty King Abdullah II

Al-Mubawayeen said that the fifty-sixth anniversary of the battle of Dignity coincides with the steadfastness of the people of the Gaza Strip in the face of the raging war waged by the Israeli army on the Gaza Strip. He pointed to the support provided by Jordan under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II to the people in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, whether through the Jordanian field hospitals in the Gaza Strip, Nablus and Jenin, or through the continuous airdrop operations carried out by the Jordanian Armed Forces - the Arab Army and carrying aid on Gaza, in addition to the humanitarian and relief aid convoys run by the Jordanian Hashemite Charitable Organization, international organizations and the private sector through the land bridge through the King Hussein Bridge to Gaza

Al-Mubayadeen pointed out that the date of March 21 is the beginning of a renaissance that made Jordan a model of stability and immunity in the middle of an inflamed region, recalling the martyrs of the Arab army in the Battle of Dignity who made sacrifices in order to defend the borders of the homeland, and still present our most beautiful pages in defending our northern and northeastern borders against gangs and drug traffickers

For his part, Dr. Al-Jazi pointed out that the Day of Dignity is a great day and an immortal memory, a day when the sun of victory, glory and pride and shoukh shine, a day when our brave soldiers and the elements of the honorable resistance were tightened their hands tightened hands on the rifles were driven by their strong will and the determination of the citizens, who methe calls of the late Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces King Hussein bin Talal, may God rest his richness, crowded under the banner of the Arab Army Mustafawi, recalling those heroes of members of the Arab army who left the precious and precious and asceticism in life and its honorable enjoyment to remain the Jordanian and Arab title of an eternal slogan to draw a tattoo on the chest of every free Arab who believes in the justice of his cause and his right to build his homeland on His national soil and the first division under the leadership of the late General is famous, Al-Gazi, where he had the honor of repelling the Zionist aggression when the order was issued to open fire on the enemy crowds as soon as he received the news of the progress of the Zionist army and passing the King Hussein Bridge, and indicated that this comes from a field commander from his responsibility to deal with the land, field and data, and so he proved to the Israelis the mistake that occurred in it when they decided to fight a battle of this size and dropped from their account the Jordanian Arab Jordanian army and taught them a lesson that they would never forget, and they inflicted heavy loss of life from them from the dead, losses of captives and equipment, which forced them to request a ceasefire and retreated west The river drags the tails of disappointment and then the invincible lie of the army was dropped

In turn, Dr. Al-Widyan said that the battle of dignity has a promise and a right that we have to live with pride and pride in our souls, because it is the gateway to the battles, where our valiant forces were able to surprise the enemy before the friend, and in which the most wonderful Arab championships and the enemy tasted the taste of bitter defeat, so that history recorded the first Arab victory over the brutal enemy, and the Jordanian soldier proved his ability to steadfast and fight with a high spirit, determination and determination to achieve victory, and indicated that "the anniversary of the battle of dignity passes on us this year, and the Israeli army launches a brutal aggression against the Gaza Strip, and it is the same one that tried fifty-six years ago to storm our Jordanian borders and occupy part of our land," and referred to the role of Jordan under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II in supporting Gaza and working to stop the war, protect civilians, and sustain the delivery of humanitarian and relief aid to the people in the Strip

For his part, Prof. Khalid Bani Hamdan, Dean of Student Affairs, said that the Deanship of Student Affairs at our beloved university (All Arab University), whose national and national and national national name, has always celebrates, national and humanitarian occasions, and today we celebrate you and you on a special occasion in all of our souls, which is (the memory of the eternal battle of dignity), and stressed that we are always proud of the presence of one of our great sons of our great leaders among us now (His Excellency Dr. Omar), the son of the hero of dignity and its leader, the owner of the slogan (all guns towards the Zionists) the late General, the corner is famous for his hadith (may God have mercy on him and honor his descent, and forgive all the righteous martyrs in dignity and all the arenas of Al-His with our Zionist enemies And the aggressors

On the sidelines of the celebration, a photo exhibition was organized by the Directorate of Moral Guidance of the Heroes and Martyrs of the Battle, its outstanding events of captured enemy soldiers and their material losses, pictures of international and Arab newspapers that praised the military miracle of the Arab army, as well as pictures of the Hashemite kings and biographies of the biographies of the leaders of the heroes of the battle