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About College

College of Business was established in 2001. The College was limited to postgraduate programs, doctoral and master’s studies at the beginning of its academic career. Postgraduate programs were accrideted on 15/5/2002, and a master’s program in human resources management was created on 9/9/2014, along with the University’s bachelor programs in the majors of (Accounting, Business Administration, Management Information Systems, Finance and Banking) were created and accredited on 6/8/2009, a Bachelor’s Program in Marketing on 26/5/2011, and a Bachelor’s Program in Accounting and Business Law on 9/9/2014, and a Bachelor’s Program in Human Resources Management on 23/5/2017. As a result of the technological change and the shift to digital world, the name of the Marketing was changed to the Digital Marketing on 08/24/2021.

College of Business, through its majors, has endeavored to provide the labor market with highly trained competencies, and to develop in all economic, social and political sectors in response to all developments and challenges and keep pace with them in order to achieve sustainable development in public and private sectors.

College of Business, coping with its vision, mission and objectives and starting from the inputs and outputs of the learning process, is focusing on the qualitative process of all academic programs, updating study plans, teaching methods and tools, scientific research for students and professors, exams, and practical training for students and professors in an effort to improve the educational process, so as to prepare high-quality competencies capable of meeting the challenges and requirements of the future career life. Accordingly, Deanship of the College of Business and its academic departments and professors are exerting all possible efforts to develop their programs and offer new programs, in particular activating the doctoral program in accordance with local and international criteria, in addition to applying for the American Accreditation for Colleges of Business (AACSB) in order to ensure its entreprenureship position among Jordanian and regional universities.