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Registered students

No. The summer semester is an elective semester for the student

Yes, the student has the right to re-study any course he succeeded in, and the highest mark is calculated for raising the GPA

The website (university calendar) by clicking on the following link: Via https://www.aau.edu.jo/en/admission/academic-calendar The Admission and Registration Department provides students with a University brochure that includes the University calendar, which contains the dates for starting studies, withdrawals, additions, and exams. In addition, the University website provides this copy in an electronic form, and students can print it from the website.

Admission and Registration Department, as well as the student's college are responsible to obtain the form designated for that. The student should follow the instructions of the instructor, the department head, and the dean of the college to approve the withdrawal of the course, then should go to the admission and registration to drop the course within the specified period listed on the University calendar.

Yes, a student may apply for a transfer from one major to another if the student achieves the minimum admission GPA and the high school branch according to the principles of admission issued by the Higher Education Council. This depends also to the availability of a vacancy for the student in the major, according to the period specified in the University calendar.

Through communication with the Deanship of Student Affairs.

Yes, through the University’s website, by selecting the academic tab, then choosing the college, then choosing the academic department, then the faculty members tab.

The Internet can be used in laboratories distributed in the University buildings with a service (Wi-Fi)

  • Announcements on the University website.
  • Paper advertisements on wall panels.
  • Via the University's Facebook page.
  • Direct communication with the staff of the Deanship of Student Affairs.
  • Sending text messages to students on some special occasions.

Circular on the University's website and on the University's Facebook page

Determined by the dean for students whose master’s majors differs from the bachelor’s major, with a maximum of 9 hours

Through the electronic portal or reviewing the Admission and Registration Department

1. Undergraduate student: the minimum is (12) hours and the maximum is (18) hours, with the exception of the graduate student and whoever has a good GPA or above is allowed to register (21) hours

2. Master's student minimum (6) hours and maximum (9) hours, with the exception of the graduate student (12) hours

Three semesters (first semester, second semester, summer semester).

A system composed of symbols indicating the student's score in the course

It is the average score of the student in the courses registered in a specific semester and is calculated by adding the points the student obtained in each subject and dividing them by the number of subjects registered in that semester.

It is the average of the student’s marks in all the courses that the student studied at the University. It is calculated by adding the points he obtained in each subject and dividing them by the total number of subjects.

If the student is dismissed from a major, this student may not be registered in the same major again, but the student can transfer to a private study if this student wants to remain in the same major and follow the instructions of the private study.

New comers students

Yes. There is a special e-mail for each student. For more details, please refer to the Computer Center.

Yeah. But for undergraduate students only and review the health center for more details.

Yes. Transportation is provided to and from the University

Transcript of the University from which the student is transferring, approved by the Jordanian higher education, in addition to the good conduct document. The upper limit of the equation is 50% of the study plan.

The University may accept a number of non-Jordanian students as an exception from the GPA requirement in undergraduate programs with a maximum of (15) marks less than the permissible limit for admission rates, provided that they adhere to the general secondary branches that determine enrollment in each major.

The student can attend in person or authorize someone to submit an application for enrollment, attaching all the required documents. Upon accomplishing of the registration procedures, the student will review the Arab and foreign students’ office at the University to follow up on the residence procedures.

The comprehensive rate should not be less than the permissible limit according to the instructions of the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and it is required to bring a comprehensive certificate and a transcript of diploma marks certified by higher education, in addition to the general secondary certificate.

Yes. You are allowed to register as a (visiting student) for one semester, but you must obtain approval from your university to join us.

There are grants for tuition fees that are determined each semester.

To have a bachelor's degree with a good grade or above from a recognized university, to have studied regularly, to have a successful English language test, and to have a vacant seat in the major you wish to enroll in. In addition, students who obtain an acceptable grade in the bachelor's degree can register according to the vacant seats.