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About College

The establishment of the College of Engineering has been stemming from the mission and the objectives of the university which it seeks to continue supporting the local and Arab community with distinct competencies, and its  persistent attempts to prepare qualified and trained cadres to meet the requirements and the needs of the labor market, and its contribution in achieving the comprehensive and sustainable development.

The College of Engineering, with its two departments: Architecture and Civil Engineering, considered the latest university faculties of the newly emerging. It is founded under the decision of the Higher Education Council on 05/08/2016. Then the adoption of the arising departments of Engineering by the adoption of the higher education institutions and quality assurance in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The College of Engineering is the sixth College at Amman Arab University whose other faculties are: Business School, the College of Law, the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Computer Sciences and Informatics, the College of Educational and Psychological Science, and the College of Pharmacy. Amman Arab University is a private Jordanian university, and it is an accredited private and public university, and a member of the Union of Arab and International Universities.

The study in College has started since the beginning of the first semester of the academic year 2016/2017. The College has adopted advanced study plans matching what is in the most prestigious universities, in order to have the aim of access to distinct educational outputs and preparation of engineers and researchers in the field of engineering science and its applications, being capable of competition and leadership in their vocational and professional future.

The study system in the College of Engineering is based on the system of accredited hours; 10 semesters (5 years). The College has attracted a number of members of the teaching staff with expertise and scientific degrees who have finished their studies in International, European, and Arab Universities, in addition to a team of engineers, technicians, and administrators who work in the various College’s departments. The College ensures all necessary to encourage members of the teaching staff on the scientific research, such as supporting to attend the World Conference, setting up the necessary resources and references, computers, and sufficient financial allocations to meet the requirements of the scientific research.

The College is supported with laboratories, seminars halls, engineering workshops and ateliers, computers laboratories, a library of engineering, and other techniques, and methods of education and machines, and the necessary facilities to prepare the students to begin their working lives, methods of education, machines, and the necessary facilities to prepare the students to begin their working lifes.