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About Us


The Deanship of Students Affairs in Amman Arab University plays a large and distinguished role in the achieving  the university’s mission, which claimed responsibility for a philosophy of adherence to the rules of the creation, honesty and integrity, and adherence to the principles of the right to justice, freedom and tolerance, derived from the Arab principles inherent Islamic values and the noble ideals,  Its establishment and evolution is based on what underlying contemporary universities, which emphasizes respect for the Mind discourse in thinking; indeed campus in which we live now tells the embodiment of the comprehensive renaissance of the dear homeland in various fields and at different levels, including educational and scientific ones

My Dear Student:

Paying attention to the student as an integrated figure is considered a need to serve his homeland and the environment; for the sake of that the Deanship of Students Affairs was established to found the student life in the campus and to supervise all student services and activities thorough planning, implementation, following-up and evaluation ,in the context of the general plan of the League

My sons and daughters, dear students:

Amman Arab University gained from Amman its hills, mountains, glory and challenge. It is a university for all citizens of the country from South to North and from East to West, which opened its arms to Arab students. We at the Deanship of Students Affairs, realize the privacy of our role towards you, in detecting your multiple talents and preparing a new generation of you, who bears the responsibility and realizes its role in the renaissance of our precious homeland, who is considered the torch carried by the homeland in a peoples racetrack towards the bright future; that is only achieved through an open door policy and finding an appropriate academic environment and opportunities for you to participate in all activities

We welcome you and we hope this year to be in the best; where you will reap all your wishes and that you will be a brick tender in building the homeland , the homeland of love and tolerance , showing in it the pertinence and loyalty values to the homeland and the Hashemite leadership .

Prof. Khaled Banyhamdan
Dean of Student Affairs