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About College

The College of Aviation Sciences was established at Amman Arab University in cooperation with the Royal Jordanian Air Academy in the academic year 2017/2018, and lately with the Mideast Aviation Academy in the Academic Year 2020/2021. It is the unique and the first College that award two BSc programs in aviation regionally, the Aircraft maintenance BSc program (B1), and the Avionics BSc program (B2). In the coming few years, the College will hopefully be integrated to include other aviation science programs such as the Commercial Pilot Training and Aviation Safety BSc programs, all will be in cooperation with the Middle East Aviation Academy. 

For more information about Mideast Aviation Academy visiting their website at (https://mideastaviation.com/bachelors-degree-in-aircraft-maintenance).

The College of Aviation Sciences offers its students programs that focus on critical thinking, solving technical problems, stimulating creative ideas, and providing them with global practical experience. The students are well prepared during the study stages to obtain both the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) license and the (JCARC) license issued by the Jordanian Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission.

The staff members of our aviation College are consolidated on one common goal, which is the assertation to overcome and pursue the most demanding challenges of societies based on academic education that armed with professional knowledge in order to prepare undergraduates, who are capable of overcoming those challenges and reaching the productive citizenship goals.

In light of the efforts of the administration of Amman Arab University to obtain international accreditations and licenses for all its specializations, the College of Aviation Sciences has recently obtained the accreditation and licensing of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as a training body and a center for conducting EASA exams, this achievement was for both the aircraft maintenance program (B1), the avionics program (B2), and as (Part-147). After achieving all accreditation requirements for aircraft maintenance and avionics sciences.

Recently, the College of Aviation Sciences at Amman Arab University has obtained the membership of the AABI: Aviation Accreditation Board International, as the first in the Arab world and the sixth in the world, the college was accredited as a training institute – educator member of the Council in the field of aviation sciences in the aircraft maintenance bachelor’s program offered by the college since 2018. This achievement was obtained after the college met the expectations of a wide range of quality standards related to the strategic management of resources, the interactions of faculty members and students in the educational process, and the achievement of learning goals to obtain an internationally accredited degree

Therefore, the College of Aviation Sciences creates the appropriate educational environment that cope up with the professional experiences for graduates, supported by the engineering workshops of the former Royal Jordanian Air Academy, and currently the Mideast Aviation Academy, and through the academic and the administrative commissions of the AAU University, which have the distinguished scientific and practical experiences.