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Professor Mohammad Al-Widyan


Through this outlook of Amman Arab University, I am pleased to welcome the members of our teaching and administrative staff, especially those who have joined us this year to continue together with all earnest and determination to achieve our University’s motto of entrepreneurship and excellence. I also extend a warm welcome to our students who are joined this reputable and distinguished institution.
 We have become convinced of the importance of the serious endeavors for each of us to make a sensible effort to move our University forward to occupy a prestigious position and enjoy a good reputation among its peers, and to push the process of teaching, learning and research by harnessing our energies and directing them towards better serving our community country, and the world within the University's available capabilities.

 What distinguishes our University is that it still attracts many students from neighboring nations as well as students from within our beloved homeland in an educational atmosphere that allows them to study in its ten faculties and choose their own path from the many available majors. In addition to developing their talents and various interests, our University includes also scientific facilities encourage its students to continue their studies with ease and comfort. These facilities include laboratories, library halls, and advanced scientific centers as the Center for Creativity and Entrepreneurship that adopts students to prepare their entrepreneurial projects and employ their creative ideas to serve themselves and their community, in addition to several facilities, clubs and various student initiatives.

 At the social level, the University holds real partnerships with the various institutions of society, and works on establishing cooperation agreements with these institutions. Moreover, we are still striving to initiate agreements and expand our partnerships with other institutions regionally and internationally, in order to achieve the University’s mission and role to graduate a qualified generation capable of advancing the nation, and bringing it to the highest ranks among the nations.
 What makes us proud of our University is that we succeeded in overcoming the most difficult obstacles and challenges of the era; the Corona pandemic, which ravaged all aspects of life, including education, which was not spared when new educational methods and strategies were imposed. That is until we reached the stage of recovery from the effects of this pandemic this year, and the omens of a safe return to teaching in both its face- to- face, and electronic forms.

 We would like to affirm the continuation of applying modern educational strategies by integrating e-Learning and upgrading our academic outputs in parallel with upgrading the outputs of research and focusing on applied research, including those that achieve sustainable development and serve our society .All this in an attempt to raise the competitiveness of our students in the labor market by continuing to create new futuristic majors that take into account market requirements, as well as distinguished pioneering disciplines such as aircraft maintenance, cybersecurity and renewable energy.

 Once again, I welcome you to Amman Arab University, the University of the Homeland and the University of All Arabs and the world, wishing you success and prosperity, and our beloved country Jordan under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdulla II Ibn Al-Hussein.

The President of Amman Arab University
Professor Mohammad Al-Widyan