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About Us / Academic Development & Quality Assurance Center

In conformity with the attitude of Amman Arab University to cope with   local and international developments in higher education field, several departments specialized in enhancing educational process and developing administrative aspects have been established such as Quality Assurance and Accreditation Departments, then in 2021, Our University established Department of Academic development to develop academic performance. Later on, it has been decided to put these departments under the umbrella of Academic Development and Quality Assurance Center which includes: Department of Academic Development, Department of Planning and quality Assurance and Department of accreditation and Ranking. 

This Center is an independent scientific and administrative department, forming rules, regulations and policies of the University and supervising the implementation in all academic and administrative units. This Center is also following up the implementation the strategic plan of the University and observing the applied accreditation bases. The Center is trying to promote professional and academic performance standards, develop teaching and assessment skills of faculty members, and prepare exams and course descriptions via applying accreditation criteria. This Center is cooperating with all faculties, departments and centers to get advanced ranks in the local and international ranking. The Center is holding periodically training workshops for faculty members aiming to develop the professional and academic performance, the Center is also seeking to guide faculties of the University to get international accreditations of the academic programs.

Director of Academic Development and Quality Assurance Center