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Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements:

  • The minimum grade of General Secondary Certificate (Tawjihi) is 80% for the fields of pharmacy, civil engineering and architecture for the scientific branch, 75% for the Sharia, 65% for law, 60% for all other specializations at Amman Arab University
  • This acceptance is subject to the capacity of the specialization specified by the Jordanian Accreditation Authority if it so permits.
  • The University may accept a number of non-Jordanian students except from The minimum grade of General Secondary Certificate (Tawjihi)  by a percentage determined by the Higher Education Council of the total absorptive capacity of each specialization.

Documents Required for Registration:

  • General Secondary Certificate stamped by the Ministry of Higher Education
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Army Service Book for Jordanian male students
  • Personal photo
  • Admission depends on the number of vacancies for those transferring from other universities and those who have a two-year diploma and want to complete a Bachelor degree 

Basis of acceptance:

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