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For the sake of the senior management of the League on the participatory and implementation of operational activities (financial and administrative); the management started to activate the Control Service and financial auditing through the creation of an integrated view of the supervisory work so that the senior management of the provision of the control environment of convenience to achieve the vision of the department through the implementation of oversight activities, risk assessment and the flow of information electronically and foliate.

Since the basic vision of the department from its pursuit to be of value, it will focus on improving the work and perform its tasks with state-of-the-art methods used in the supervision and auditing of financial regulations to achieve the desired goals of its founding.Top of Form also implement its work through the focus on two moudels; the focus of prevention and focus of the discovery in the prevention it seeks to ensure the universality of the system of legal legislation governing and organizing the progress of work in the university, the smoothness of the composition of the organizational structure to ensure the clarity of the sprawling relations between the faculties and various university departments to identify the tasks and duties assigned to each of them.

In the center of discovery the department undertakes the task of the operational auditing, financial business and administrative work with financial implications, ensuring the safety of implementation and provision of convenience and reliable information that support the decision maker.​.

Neveen Al-Muzain

Director of Human Resources Office