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Dr. Al-Hasban from “Amman Arab University” Publishes the Third Book

الدكتور الحسبان من "عمان العربية" يصدر كتابه الثالث


Dr. Al-Hasban from “Amman Arab University” Publishes the Third Book

A faculty member at Amman Arab University, Dr. Ahmed Al-Hassan, Assistant Professor at the College of Aviation Sciences / Aircraft Maintenance Department - Avionics Program, published his book entitled (Between Black and White), which was published by Al-Khaleej Publishing and Distribution House in the Jordanian capital, Amman.

The book contained three chapters in 70 chapters and 150 pages, in which the author shed light on scientific and electro-social concepts from a different perspective than is usual. Many scientific, cosmic, religious, social facts and moral values have changed as a result of the electronic invasion of human societies through social media. In this contemporary world at the beginning of the third millennium, and accordingly, the idea of this book was built on discussions of contemporary issues, and real and virtual societal observations at the same time, but using a different ideology.

This scientific/literary book is distinguished by the way it is presented - according to those who reviewed it before publication - by being one of the few books that combines science and facts on the one hand with literature on the other hand, and by the comprehensiveness of the logical scientific and realistic electro-social presentation, in a smooth, attractive style that does not shock the reader’s mind or intentionally. Rather, it takes the approach of calm discussion, ending with conclusions and conclusions that are comfortable for the reader, innovative and of great benefit on the individual and collective levels, and with great skill in narration and in approaching the issues and problems raised: a sober approach from a scientific standpoint, and honest from a research standpoint.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Al-Hassan is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Aeronautical Sciences at Amman Arab University and holds a doctorate degree from the University of Public Service of the Hungarian Republic in the specialty of aeronautics and satellite communications engineering, and a master’s degree in the same specialty from the French Institute for Space Sciences ENAC, and has several papers. He has done research at regional and international conferences in his field of engineering, and he is a writer and aviation systems analyst for local electronic newspapers.