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“The Month of Giving” Bazaar at Amman Arab University

بازار "شهر الخير" في جامعة عمان العربية


“The Month of Giving” Bazaar at Amman Arab University

Under the patronage of the President of Amman Arab University, Professor. Mohamad Al-Widyan, Deanship of Student Affairs at the University and within the initiatives of (Muzn Amman Arab University) and in cooperation with the For You, My Country Association and the We Are the Athar volunteer team, organized a bazaar under the title (The Month of Giving) at Amman Arab University.

Prof. Al-Widyan opened the bazaar activities in the presence of the Dean of Student Affairs, Professor. Khaled Bani Hamdan, and a number of academic and administrative staff and students. The bazaar included many diverse products, including popular foods, gifts, antiques, and accessories .Prof. Al-Widyan expressed, during his tour of the bazaar, his admiration for the efforts made to make this a success. The event stressed the University’s keenness to support and encourage such initiatives that would contribute to strengthening the university’s role in achieving partnership with the local community.

For his part, Prof. Bani Hamdan praised this good initiative and pointed out that the aim of establishing such charitable bazaars is to support young entrepreneurs and productive women from the local community who own start-up projects, and with the aim of encouraging them to innovate and enhance their productivity by displaying their products and entrepreneurial projects. It is worth noting that the proceeds of the bazaar will return to serve those in need during the holy month of Ramadan.