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A Specific Training Course on the Harms of Smoking at Amman Arab University

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A Specific Training Course on the Harms of Smoking at Amman Arab University

The Supreme Committee for Anti-Smoking at Amman Arab University, in cooperation with the Association of Jordanian Universities for Tobacco and Smoking Control and the Cancer Control Office/King Hussein Cancer Center, organized a two-day training course for students of scientific colleges in Jordanian universities entitled “Empowering university students with qualitative and educational skills about the harms of smoking,” in the presence of The Dean of the College of Pharmacy and the Chair of the Supreme Anti-Smoking Committee at Amman Arab University, Professor. Rana Abu Haweij, Professor. Suzan Al-Maliki, Vice President of the Association of Jordanian Universities for Tobacco and Smoking Control, and Professor Dr. Nancy Hakoz, representing the University of Jordan in the Association.

With the participation of students from the College of Pharmacy at Amman Arab University, rehabilitation and occupational therapy students at the University of Jordan, students from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Petra, anesthesia and resuscitation students at Balqa University, and nursing students at Al al-Bayt University.

Prof. Abu Haweij praised the main goal of the course, which focuses on raising the level of awareness among students about the dangers of smoking on campus and enhancing their skills in confronting this scourge. She also stressed the support of the administration of Amman Arab University, represented by its president, Professor. Mohamad Al-Widyan, for the efforts made to combat the scourge of smoking. Abu Huwaij also indicated that the university has joined the Jordanian University Association for Tobacco and Smoking Control as part of these efforts, in addition to the university’s commitment to publishing regular awareness materials such as awareness films and weekly anti-smoking bulletins, in addition to opening an awareness clinic dedicated to helping quit smoking in the College of Pharmacy building. At Amman Arab University.

On the first day of the course, Dr. Nour Obaidat, Director of the Cancer Control Office, and Dr. Rawan Shehab, Head of the Health Awareness and Media Unit, reviewed the areas of awareness and methods used to reduce the harms of smoking and methods of preventing it, including focusing on the required behavioral change and developing appropriate communication skills to help abstain from smoking. It is noteworthy that the course included many training exercises, activities and participation from students, which focus on the three main themes of the health message that participants should direct to their peers, by providing correct and reliable information in a simplified manner, followed by the necessary action to abstain from smoking, which includes changing the surrounding environment and changing daily activities and habits. To overcome the desire to smoke.

It is noteworthy that the students actively participated in the course, as they showed great interest in the course topics and interacted in a distinctive way, and it was agreed to activate joint training activities among university students based on the principles that centered around enhancing awareness and cultural skills, as this step reflects their commitment to enhancing cooperation and joint work. In the field of smoking prevention, at the conclusion of the course, shields were distributed to the participating parties in honor and appreciation of their efforts.