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Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at Amman Arab University

جامعة عمان العربية تستحدث بكالوريوس علم الحاسوب


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at Amman Arab University

As part of Amman Arab University’s plan to develop distinct and unique majors coping with the requirements of the local, regional and international labor market, the University obtained the approval of the Higher Education Council to create a Bachelor’s degree major in “Computer Science” in the College of Computer Sciences and Informatics, starting from the second semester of the academic year 2023/2024.

On this occasion, the President of the University, Professor. Mohamad Al-Widyan, said that the University seeks, within its strategic plan, to build a promising generation that anticipates the future, and based on the vision of the Hashemite leadership through which His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein called for building a generation that is aware of the importance of the stage that the world is going through in light of growth and development and the need for specializations that keep pace with the local and regional market. Prof. Al-Widyan added that the creation of such a major came to fit the requirements of the actual labor market, as the computer science specialization is considered one of the most important sciences required at the present time due to the continuous development in all areas of information technology. It is also considered one of the basic sciences needed by the information technology industries and the business world in the modern era in various fields and has a promising future in the local, regional and international labor market.

In turn, the Dean of the College of Computer Sciences and Informatics at Amman Arab University, Dr. Husam Al-Hamad, indicated that computer science major will witness great and rapid growth and demand in the coming years due to the start of the new technical revolution and the transition from the concept of Web 2 to the concept of Web 3, which focuses greatly on developing technologies. Computer science, artificial intelligence, and computerized systems. Dr. Al-Hamad pointed out that such major came to keep pace with global technological developments and meet the labor market requirements for qualified specialists locally and regionally. He also stressed that, based on the college’s vision, this major was designed to comply with international standards and focus on qualifying students for practical application, training them in the best specialized companies and institutions, and providing them with the necessary analytical and mathematical skills that will qualify them to work in multiple jobs in multiple fields of computer science in various companies, institutions, and sectors of information technology and communications. Business, engineering, medicine, agriculture, etc.

Dr. Al-Hamad added by saying that the college is equipped with the best facilities and laboratories, which will have a major and effective role in training and qualifying students and transforming their projects and ideas into a practical reality with the support and support of specialized faculty members and supervisors. Amman Arab University, specifically the College of Computer Sciences and Informatics, has many agreements and partnerships with local and international institutions that aim to gain Scientific and practical skills are required, including the Oracle Academy agreement, the Cisco Academy agreement, the EC-Council agreement, the Orange Communications Company agreement and specialized information technology companies to train students, and many other agreements.

The college also provides many specialized facilities, such as programming laboratories, cybersecurity, software engineering, databases, and an artificial intelligence incubator that was established in cooperation with the Arab Society for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.