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College of Pharmacy at Amman Arab University Holds an Awareness Day for Celiac Disease Patients

صيدلة "عمان العربية" تقيم فعاليات اليوم التوعوي لمرضى السيلياك


College of Pharmacy at Amman Arab University Holds an Awareness Day for Celiac Disease Patients

Professor. Ismail Yamin, Assistant of the President for Academic Affairs, representing the University President, Professor. Mohamad Al-Widyan, sponsored the activities of the scientific awareness day under the slogan “Towards a safe environment for patients with digestive disorders (Celiac disease)” in the presence of the Dean of the College of Pharmacy, Professor. Rana Abu Haweij, the dean of the colleges, and members of the academic and administrative bodies and students.

In her speech during the opening of the event, Prof. Abu Huwaij pointed out the full commitment of the College of Pharmacy at Amman Arab University to enhancing awareness and providing support to society in confronting the challenges of diseases. She also focused on the importance of the role of the pharmacist in the process of awareness and education for community members and that these awareness days play a major role in increasing General awareness of students, refines the student’s personality, encourages communication with community members, enhances solidarity and social support for celiac disease patients, especially since most patients with celiac disease have no knowledge of their infection.

It is noteworthy that the scientific day witnessed a distinguished and integrated cooperation to introduce celiac disease and provide support to celiac patients to provide a safe environment for affected individuals. Through the Charitable Celiac Patients Care Association, the president of the association, Mrs. Abida Al-Qaisi, presented in her lecture a close look at the objectives and activities of the association and explained that the establishment of the association comes in Within the framework of its strong desire to provide support and assistance to celiac patients, in order to improve their quality of life and facilitate their dealings with this disease, and in turn, pharmacist Dr. Siham Hamza explained in her lecture the concept of celiac disease, its causes, symptoms and health effects, and Dr. Hania Shamout, representative of the Charitable Medicine Bank, provided a comprehensive explanation of the appropriate medications. For celiac disease patients, it is available and its contents are free of gluten.

Dr. Nour Al-Sahouri, Assistant Professor at Petra University, in turn, gave a lecture on the importance of the nutritional aspect for celiac disease patients and advice and guidance on the appropriate diet. Then, trainer Dana Salah presented the challenges facing celiac disease patients and conveyed scientific experiments on how to cope and adapt a healthy lifestyle to maintain general well-being. It was followed by clinical supervisor Ola Al-Saleh, who highlighted the role of the pharmacist through her participation with the students attending from the College of Pharmacy in dealing with medical conditions and medications that must be dispensed to celiac disease patients.

It is noteworthy that the awareness day included the participation of Mahfouz Al-Bouti, owner of the “Gluten Free” bakery, who shared her experience with the disease and how she dealt with the challenges of the disease to establish a successful project that provides healthy food options for those infected with the disease. The day also witnessed the participation of the Argonne Drug Store in displaying a group of medicines that are appropriate for... With patients and free of gluten.

The event concluded with a unique experience characterized by an atmosphere full of enjoyment, as Mahfouz Al-Bouti presented a variety of delicious gluten-free foods, and was completed by providing samples of gluten-free medicines from the Charitable Medicine Bank and Arjun Drug Store, demonstrating their commitment to providing health solutions for celiac disease patients.