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Assistant Professor

Thermal science and fluid mechanics.

Aerodynamics, Ventilation, Flow visualization technologies, Flow control and management technology, Internal combustion engine, Cooling of electronic devices, Channel flow,  Vortex shedding evolution, Wind tunnels design, Measurement and calibration technologies of pressure, flow rate, flow velocity, and temperature. 

Y. A. Altaharwah, R. F. Huang, and C. M. Hsu "Flow and mixing characteristics of a forward-inclined stack-issued jet in crossflow" International journal of heat and fluid flow, Volume 82,  April 2020.

Y. A. Altaharwah, R. F. Huang, and C. M. Hsu "Dispersion and upwind-side shear-layer characteristics of forward-inclined transverse jet in crossflow " Experimental thermal and fluid science, Volume 115,  1 July 2020.

Yousef Altaharwah, Rong Huang, Ching Hsu "Forward-inclined transverse jet in crossflow at low jet-to-crossflow momentum flux ratio" 10th International mechanical engineering conference. Cebu, Philippines, 22-24 January 2020.

Y. A. Altaharwah "Hydro-Fuel" U.S.- Jordan partnership for university leadership and students engagment (PULSE) conference, Amman, Jordan, 24-26 July 2022.


Heat transfer 

Fluid mechanics

Air conditioning


2022 till now "Amman Arab University" Assistant professor- Renewable energy engineering, Amman, Jordan.

2020- 2022 "National University College of Technology" Assistant professor- Mechanical Engineering, Amman, Jordan.

2014- 2016 "United food industries company DEEMAH" Production engineer, Riyadh, K.S.A.