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My name is Tariq, and I am from Jordan. I am a master's graduate in linguistics, a translator, creative writer, and a teacher.

I have always been fascinated by systems of languages since I was little kid, and I have decided to pursue a career in linguistics. Linguistics is the scientific study of languages in which one can discover, analyze, and explore the surface and deep levels of language systems. I'm, myself, most interested in the grammatical aspects of language knowns as syntax, and I have been studying the classics and the modern theories to find new models to my mother tongue: Arabic. I am looking forward to triggering an intersection between syntactic theories and applied linguistics which addresses educational application, translation, and discourse analysis. I believe aiming at balancing between theory and application is the optimal approach to the actual meaning of language. 

In addition to the world of linguistics, I find myself interested in philosophy, particularly logic philosophies as well as existential theories. I believe philosophy is a key to endless doors for critical thinking, creativity, and individuality. 

I consider myself thoughtful type of person and ambitious to unleash my potentials in reality, and I believe I owe societal responsibility to employ both my knowledge and experience in serving the community and valuing the elegant process of teaching and helping out students. 

In my leisure time, I enjoy reading all sort things, especially in humanities, and I am strongly passionate about athletic sports and going into adventurous that turn life exciting! 

I am highly interested in theoretical linguistics, especially syntax syntax-semantic interference, and phonology. I have special interest in Arabic linguistics and its syntactic complexities, particularly the linguistic units of dialects and vernacular.

As I have worked as a translator, I have also developed keen interest in translation theories, and as a teacher, I have also interest in teaching methodologies, discourse analysis, and applied linguistics.


Author/s:  Tariq Mohammed Farghal

Title: Hyperraising in Jordanian Arabic

Journal: ProQuest

Vol./No.: 28261406

Publication Date: 2020



Author/s: Dr. Hasan Ahmad al-Hyari

Translator: Tariq Mohammed Farghal

Title: The Salvation Path and the Sacred Prophetic Meaning 

Publisher: Amazon Kindle

Edition: First Edition

Date: 2022






(1) Introduction to linguistics, Linguistics Department, Michigan State University, 2022. 

(2) Introduction to literature and Semantics/Syntax Courses, English Language and Literature Department, Yarmouk University, 2017. 

(3) English/Arabic Language Teaching Courses

(4) International Exams Courses (TOEFL, IELTS, OET, etc.) at various language academies in Jordan. 

English (1) (+1 & +2 Classes) 

English استدراكي

Listening & Speaking Course

English (2) 


Teaching experience

2021-2022, Secondary and High School English Teacher, International Independent School, English Department, Jordan. 

2020-2021, Teaching Assistant, Michigan State University, Linguistics Department, Jordan. 

2017-2018, English Language Support Teacher, Al-Mada International School, English Department, Jordan. 

2017-2018, Language Tutor (part-time), Maysoon Al-Asfar Institute, Languages and Humanities Department, Jordan. 

6 months, Secondary and High School English Teacher, Al-Qabas National School, English Department, Jordan. 

2014, Arabic Teacher for Non-Native Speakers (part-time), Kuwait Campus, Kuwait. 

Other Experience

2019-2021, Business Translator & Transcriptionist (part-time), Michigan State University, Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures, USA. 

2021, 6 months, Legal & Political Translator (part-time), Michigan State University, Department of Political Science, USA (online). 

2019-2020, Research Assistant in Arabic Learning for Non-Native Speakers (full-time), Michigan State University, Arabic Department, USA. 

6 months, Operational Manager, English Teacher & Arabic Teacher for foreigners, Excellence Academy, Administration & Languages Department, Jordan.