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Mottee Al-shibly
Associate Professor

Dr. Mottee S. Al-Shibly he is Associate Professor specialist Business Administration and Marketing, and he  was a Head of  Marketing Department and Management Information System Department, College of Business Administration, Amman Arab University and he was Director of  Entrepreneurship and Community Initiatives Center  at Amman Arab University, Expert on Food Processing and Marketing and supply chain  ,Expert certified by( GO EEPORTING, Jordan chamber of industry and faculty for factory national program) in the audit of Jordanian export to the European union (study needs of European markets and estimation of sales volume, sales forecasting), developer of sales management platform with EDRAK, International certified trainer from international collage in London ( ICL), Certified trainer on communication skills (negotiation skills, persuasion skills , creativity under work pressure , time management, thinking outside the box ), expert in marketing and supply chain  certified by agricultural engineers association, a consultant in the fields of Socio-Economic and harvest water management and tourism marketing at the many NGOs (ICARDA, European Union, Near East Foundation, trainer of trainers (TOT), certified instructor for many of the organizations on several areas (marketing, promotion, gender, project management, gender and woman empowerment), and work Directory of Monitoring and evaluation, Ministry of Agriculture  As Ahead of Monitoring the execution of stockholders supporting actions (MESSA) section . Dr. Al-Shibly earned his PhD in Philosophy in Business Administration\ Marketing Specialization from The World Islamic Sciences and Education University (WISE) Thesis: “Factors Affecting Social Media Network Adoption and Purchase Intention as a Marketing Tool”, Jordan. In addition, Dr. Al-Shibly earned his Master’s degree, MBA, \ Marketing Specialization from The Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences and earned his BSc. from University of Jordan in the fields of Agricultural Business Management.  He launched the initiative to prepare for green, which aims to educate the community to preserve the environment, raise awareness of green products and green manufacturing, and a certified trainer on green marketing.


  • Experience in the development of local communities, with a particular focus on small and medium enterprises issues.
  • Experienced in donor and funded programs, including seven years with (ICARDA) and fife years with (CARE) and one year in (IFAD) projects.
  • Professional in Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA), for more than sixteen years.
  • Professional in Monitoring and Evaluation Projects for more than ten years.
  • Implemented several generations - income projects.

o        Contribute to the creation of many cooperative societies to serve local communities in northern, eastern and southern Jordan Contributed to develop a guide of financial institutes and lending organizations

o        Knowledge of the World Bank and the UN neighborhood policy

o        Ability to analyze the Jordanian socio-economic, extract trends and recommend actions

o        Professional drafting of project proposals writing based on strategic planning models.

o        Having the ability to interact effectively with local community and privet sector as well as public institutions

o        Assisted to establish the concept of gender.

o        Good understanding of local communities and marketing sector, specifically in enhancing productivity, initiating small and micro projects to increase revenues and create jobs.

o        Ability to build bridges between private and public sectors (Public Private Dialog)

o        Good communication, interpersonal, presentation and reporting skills. Designing and implementing media campaigns.

o        Moderation: facilitated many workshops, focus group, festivals and conferences.

o        Certified trainer by :  (CARDNE) and  (JICA)  .


Logistics management

Value analysis

         Marketing Strategy

 Change and development in organizations business


                       Impacts of Social Media and Demographical Characteristics on University Admissions: Case of Jordanian Private Universities (2021)
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Factors Influencing Females Work Participation and Work Performance in the Jordanian Public Sector (2020).

Excellence in Drawing up Marketing Mix Strategies for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Their Impact on the Marketing Performance (2020)

The Relationship Between Media Marketing Advertising and Encouraging Jordanian Women to Conduct Early Detection of Breast Cancer (2020)

The Effect of Country of Origin on Consumers’ Perceptions of Hospitality Products (2019)


أثر المزيج التسويقي الخدمي في توسيع استخدام  الاشتمال المالي في البنوك الإسلامية العاملة في الأردن (2019)

The Impact of De-marketing in Reducing Jordanian Youth Consumption of Energy Drinks (2020)

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The Impact of Marketing by Relationships to Achieve Competitive Advantage A Case Study "Cellular Telecommunication Companies in Jordan" (2017)