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Omar Asad Ahmad

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Omar Asad Ahmad
Associate Professor

 .Assoc. Prof. Omar Ahmad an expert in water and environmental engineering, Geo-environmental sciences

1.Water Quality

2. Wastewater Treatment

3. Environmental Engineering

4. Recycling and Reuse

5. Geotechnical and Geo-environmental Engineering

6. Hydrology and Climate Change


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  1. Wastewater Treatment
  2. Water Supply Engineering
  3. Solid waste Management.
  4. Hydraulic Engineering Systems
  5. Fluid Mechanics
  6. Hydrology.
  7. Environmental and Sanitary Engineering.
  8. Engineering Geology.
  9. Soil Mechanics.
  10. Foundation Engineering
  11. Engineering Economics.
  12. Construction Scheduling.
  13. Project Management.

Office Hours: Sunday - Tuesday:  10.00-13.00

Teaching Load: 

  1. Hydrology [ 08:30_10:00 ]. M,W
  2. Foundation Engineering, [ 10.00-11.30], M,W
  3. Fluid Mechanics, [ 11.30-13.00], M,W.
  4. Fluid Lab., [14.30-16.30] M.
  5. Environmental Lab., [14.30-16.30], W.