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Hussain Awad
Associate Professor

supply chain management, ERP system, and cloud computing, E-commerce, Big data

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Hussain A.H. Awad Khaled aboganam. The impact of E-marketing and Marketing orientation on Firm performance with moderating role of Social media usage. International Journal of Business Information Systems, Scopus, Accepted at May 2020


Hussain A.H. Awad Khaled aboganam. Investigating the effect of a tripod organizational readiness model on organizational digital innovation with moderating role of innovation valance. International Journal of Business Information Systems, Scopus, Accepted at Jun2020


Hussain A.H. Awad Khaled aboganam.  Enhancing usability of digital technologies in small medium enterprises with search engine optimization and flow theory. International Journal of Business Excellence,  Accepted at may2021


E-Business & E-commerce.

System analysis & Design.

Computer skills (HW, SW, ICDL).

Management Information system.

Software Engineering.

Business communication skills.

Business Requirement analysis.

Small and medium Business management.

Marketing management.

Supply Chain management.

ERP system

Knowledge management

IT project management

Decision support system

HR information system

IT Requirement